Red Skies Design working on a client branding project, graphic design services and social media management



We know what you're thinking, having the same business design my brand and then implement it is exactly what I need! Well, that is at least what we hope you are thinking because we went into this business so that we could help businesses like yours grow and thrive.  We know how time consuming it can be to grow a business from first-hand experience. Go ahead, check out our branding and design assistant services for yourself! 

We both, Ben and Alex, graduated from Ball State University, where we met, with a degree in journalism graphics. After we got married in 2010, Ben spent a year deployed oversees and when he got back our life really got exciting. We had our first child in 2013, started Red Skies Design that same year, had our second child in early 2015, our third in 2016 and our fourth in 2018. 

Ben has professional experience in professional branding, website design, digital illustration, designing newspaper and magazine pages, and creating infographics.

His style of work is typography-driven with bold line work. He derives a lot of inspiration from historical American themes and has a vast appreciation for traditional tattoo culture and imagery.

Alex has professional experience in digital media and marketing, social media management, branding, designing event invitations, and calligraphy. She also has advanced social media marketing training.

Her style of work is driven by elegant yet contemporary themes, with a special appreciation for hand-written elements and outside-the-box compositions. Her sense of popular design trends and effective color pairings keeps our work in line with all of the current styles.

"Benjamin and his wife run an extremely professional company. They take your ideas and bring them to life! I will be recommending them to my colleagues for more business opportunities." 

- Aisha J.