An Introduction to Introductions

How do you even title a blog that’s introducing your entire being to another person? It’s pretty tough to summarize your adult life in 50 characters, and it seems like some kind of therapy exercise honestly.

OK, here’s another question: How would you introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met before? How does that conversation go?

Imagine it: you walk up to a stranger, shake hands while exchanging names, say “Good to meet you” (even if it’s not really good to meet them, you know those kinds).

What comes next?

It seems likes people usually kick off the “small-talk dance” by asking strangers what they do for a living.

So, if your occupation seems to be the go-to, boiler plate introduction question, that makes it a fairly important aspect of your life, doesn’t it? I think we already knew that, but think about it: this literally defines you, it’s how you generally display yourself to the world.

Maybe talking about Alex and myself as both designers and small-business owners can go a long way to introducing us as humans, too!

I want to break down this behemoth topic of “what we do for a living” into two parts. These topics reveal some important personality traits in both your work and home life and really go a long way toward defining you as an adult human.


1. Who You Work With“You are the company you keep.”

‘OK, thanks Mom, I get it.’ Most of us heard this a lot growing up (maybe I was just a bad kid), but when you look back you realize it’s 100% true. And I must say, I keep some pretty good company in respect to Red Skies Design.

Alex is my beautiful wife and business partner, and she and I met in class at college. Our sense of humor and our opinion of the font Papyrus may be the same, but our design styles are distinctly different and, therefore, highly complementary.

We both know what the other’s strengths are, and we leverage that to get a higher volume of higher quality work done for clients.


2. Why You Do What You Do – “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life."

You can do any kind of work under the sun if you’re looking to just pay the bills. It doesn’t necessarily take passion to earn a paycheck, it just takes showing up and being of some value. But that’s just mentally exhausting.

It’s generally people’s “side hustles” that show some of their true passions in life. “Side hustle” isn’t a derogatory phrase, it’s just a secondary source of income for working adults and a reality of the new American middle class.

Alex and I turned our design hobby into a design business, but that didn’t change the root of why we were doing it in the first place. It’s still our side hustle, and it’s still what we love to do.

So that’s Red Skies Design in a nutshell. We’re designers, we’re married (with 3 kids - pictured above), we’re small-business owners, and we’re fellow humans! Now it’s your turn…we want to do the “small-talk dance” with you.

Think about what you are passionate about and how that is reflective of your personality. After all of that introspection, you’re going to need an outlet! Email us, call, send snail mail…however you can reach us, let us figure out how we can help you bring your vision and personality to life.