What does your ‘font horoscope’ look like?

Nerds of typography, stay your excitement.

We’re here to discuss the often-overlooked (and recently made-up) field of Font Astrology. So if you want to go in depth about the finer differences between Helvetica and Arial, you’re in the wrong place. But stay anyway because…well, Font Astrology? Come on.

So what does your favorite kind of font really say about you?

Business owners, what does your logo’s font say about your business, and can it be a portent for your potential wealth and success?

What’s your sign?


As a Serif, you are the human equivalent of pleated khakis. Your Blackberry works just fine and you don’t know why everyone has to throw a fit whenever they see it. You understand the vital importance of small talk in the modern business climate.

In case you didn’t glean it from the description, serifs are a classic, conservative choice in typeface. Some read that and hear “old-fashioned,” but serifs have their distinct niche in the world of type. They are generally a class of highly legible fonts and are therefore preferred for body text and larger areas of type.

Your lucky fonts are: Times New Roman, Georgia, Baskerville, Didot


The Sans Serif is tech-savvy and a maven for all of the latest trends. You’ll wait in line for days to purchase the newest model of cellular telephone. Your wearable technology…has its own wearable technology.

This typeface includes some of the most popular fonts among designers for their clean, modern look. With few exceptions, you generally can’t go wrong in using a sans serif font for your display type needs. Like all other modern marvels of society, however, you can easily go overboard and should practice moderation. Or hire a professional designer to do that for you (shameless plug, no regrets).

Your lucky fonts are: Helvetica, Arial, Avenir, Geneva


 Scripts are a natural, flowing, free-spirited breed. The only thing hotter than your Pumpkin Spice Latte is your latest Snap. With a devil-may-care attitude, you don your yoga pants and a slinky sweater to brave even the most mundane of errands.

Fonts within the script family have a somewhat limited use, mostly for more formal occasions. This typeface also includes other more popular “handwritten” types of fonts that aren’t as formal. In the past couple years, they have become much more popular and have taken on a more hip vibe. Nothing wrong with that, but beware leaning too heavily on a trend…it may not be popular for long!

Your lucky fonts are: Jenna Sue, Mountain Retreat, Blackjack, Great Vibes


Ah, dear Novelty. You’re more than OK with being a euphemism for the word “weirdness,” because you know that the world needs the strange, the off-color and the “takes some getting used to.” Just not too much, OK?

Novelty fonts were awesome to use when I was a kid back in the ‘90s writing a paper in elementary school (sorry for the Comic Sans to all my former teachers). Other than that, the use for fonts in the novelty category is extremely limited.

Your lucky fonts are: Comic Sans, Papyrus, Wingdings, Giddyup


So do you have a better idea of how your personality reflects in one of these font signs? Or are you thinking you don’t want to admit to being any of the above based on the description? That’s fair. It also means you’re a Script, you delicate flower.

If nothing else, maybe this just opened up your eyes to the wide world of typography! There are many nuances that may be a bit hard to navigate if you don’t live in it.

Lucky for you, the fine folks at Red Skies Design do live in it every single day! We’re actually passionate about fonts and letterforms, if you can believe that.

Let us help you choose the perfect typeface for your brand or your event, and free your mind from the worries of the many typography pitfalls!