Five Pitfalls to Avoid in DIY Design

Doing your own design work can save a lot of money and give you a lot more control if you’re comfortable taking the plunge.

But beware! The path ahead is treacherous, rife with traps and terrors that will plunge even the most well designed work straight into the abyss. Avoid these five pitfalls, and you may just survive the journey. (If you don’t survive, call us).


1. Ignoring grammar and/or word choice

Grammarians, here’s something into which you can really sink your teeth!

Even the most carefully planned and executed design can be ruined by a misspelled word inappropriate apostrophe or unfortunate juxtaposition.

2. Disproportionately stretching an image

Nothing screams ‘amateur design’ like an image that was resized inappropriately. Take a second and familiarize yourself with that shift key, it’s the only thing that can save you from certain doom.  Hold shift, drag the image’s corner to resize, and you’re there!

3. Choosing an inappropriate and/or novelty font

You know how I feel about novelty fonts. Unless you’re designing something satirical or making a point about the negative effects of novelty fonts, you shouldn’t use them. They can also water down the effect of a serious tone.

4. Overusing or misusing colors

Colors can interact in some unexpected ways, so be careful how you use them in a design. It’s easy to distract a user from the design’s message when the colors are illegible or vibrating on a page. When in doubt, leave it out.

5. Not knowing about kerning

Kerning is the space between letters in a line of text. Disregarding this minute aspect of designing with text one can land you in some hot water and at very least be an unwanted distraction in your design. 

It may be something you’ve always taken for granted, but it’s usually dangerous to design with text and not adjust your kerning.


If you’ve fallen into one of these deep pits of design despair, fear not! You have designer friends out there who can help get you out of trouble. And if you’re running low on designer friends (or friends in general) we’d love to help you out! And yes, that is up to and including being your friend…