design Assistant services


Business owners are busy, really busy! There isn't enough time in the day to do everything and we understand that. Whether we've worked together or not - it's important to have a solid visual presence and carry your branding through to social media, newsletters and collateral.

Maybe you aren't sure if you need a design assistant. Try this. Make a list of everything that needs designed from newsletters to social media. (insert Jeopardy music) That's what we can do for you. Every week! If the thought of that list being off your to-do list lets you breathe a little easier then you need a design assistant. Let us join your team!

8 Hours

With an average of two hours of design work per week, this package is great for small businesses that need graphics created for social media or blog posts, campaigns or promotions. If you are just getting started with your business, this is a great option!

16 Hours

Are you more active on social media or have a need for continual promotions or workbooks? This is the perfect package for you. An average of four design hours a week will help you push out consistent, well-designed imagery that your clients will relate to.

20 Hours

This package is for the business that has a consistent amount of design work each week, more than just social media and blog graphics. Think workbooks, collateral, white pages and more. Just imagine, five hours of design work per week being taken off your plate. 

Our contracts start at three months but we do allow the option of changing packages once during a contract. Hourly rates are $75/hour and the billing cycle starts on the 1st of each month. You will be informed of your hours each week and will be asked to approve any hours that go beyond the chosen package.